About us


We extend warm greetings to you and express our sincere appreciation. In 2011, "T I Logistic" LLC was established to independently manage and execute international transportation and logistics operations on behalf of "Technic Import" Stock Company. During this interval, we've conducted a diverse array of transport and logistics services, embracing railway utilization, establishment of a cutting-edge terminal facility, deployment of robust cranes and transport equipment, infrastructure enhancement, warehouse expansion, and skilled workforce development. These efforts have elevated our operations to their present status of peak efficiency. With a workforce numbering around 70 and in adherence to ISO 9001:2015 International Quality Management System standards, we are privileged to serve you. Our substantial presence within the international logistics domain is underscored by the appreciation and recognition received from our patrons, firmly establishing us as a trusted entity. We take immense pride in our meticulous planning, active monitoring, and results-driven operations. The feedback from our clientele drives our continuous commitment to enhance satisfaction and effect lasting improvements. We cordially invite you to experience our services firsthand.  

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Бид үйлчлүүлэгч, харилцагч нараа тав тухтай, тохилог орчинд хүлээн авч, чанартай үйлчилгээг хүргэх зорилгоор Техник Импорт дахь Гаалийн хяналтын бүсийн дэд бүтцийг сайжруулан дараах ажлуудыг хийж гүйцэтгэсэн. Үүнд:

  • Монгол улсад жишиг болохуйц дотоод тохижилттой Терминалын нэг цэгийн үйлчилгээний төвийн барилгыг ашиглалтад оруулсан.
  • Терминалын талбайг бүрэн бетон хучилттай болгосон.
  • Түүвэр ачааны буулгалт, хадгалалт, олголтод зориулан 2000м.кв бүхий Гаалийн түр агуулах шинээр ашиглалтад оруулсан.
  • Чингэлэг, вагон ачилт болон буулгалтын хүчин чадлыг нэмэгдүүлж, харилцагчдынхаа үнэт цагийг хэмнэх зорилгоор 50 тн даацтай хоёр дахь краныг угсарч ашиглалтад орууллаа.


Pioneering Advanced Transport and Logistics Solutions Our vision entails deploying cutting-edge technology to furnish unparalleled transport and logistics solutions that transcend global standards.


Aiming for Excellence in International Transport and Logistics Our central objective revolves around providing holistic transport and logistics services on an international scale, contributing substantively to our clients' business achievements.


Genuine Respect, Integrity, and Transparency
Our personnel are bound by a code of mutual respect, transparency, accountability, and collaboration, fostering a dynamic and creative professional environment.
Leadership in Action
We nurture proactive leadership, self-development, creativity, and active participation, cultivating a highly skilled and motivated workforce.
Client-Centric Focus
Mutual trust forms the foundation of our client relationships, further bolstered by prompt and compassionate service.


The quality policy of "T I Logistics" LLC centers on delivering national and international transport and logistics services with unwavering operational reliability. We ensure door-to-door service adherence, abiding by all relevant laws, regulations, and standards. Our ultimate objective is to provide unrivaled satisfaction, thereby enhancing Mongolia's transport and logistics sector. Our unwavering aspiration is to become an exemplar within the industry.